What is a SuperQuickQuestion™ call?

SQQ is a live one-on-one video chat app with a 60-second time limit to help encourage more productive conversations, eliminate unnecessary meetings, reclaim your calendar, and increase the speed of problem-solving. This replaces desk drop-bys, office pop-ins, and other “collision” meetings. SQQ aims to do for meetings what Twitter did for writing and Slack did for email. One question, one minute, one-on-one.

Can you explain it in 5 words or less?

Video chat, 60-second limit.

How about 1 word?


Why did you create this?

To name a few reasons: Everyone’s super busy, wall-to-wall meetings are killing morale and keeping us all from doing any actual work, there’s no time for creativity, Zoom fatigue is real, company culture is eroding during a pandemic that prevents employees from getting immediate answers or approvals, accountability is basically impossible to track remotely, we’ve lost the ability to quickly brainstorm together at the water cooler or a co-worker’s desk, and there are too many asynchronous text/email threads with unclear context or tone that just wind up creating more confusion.

Is there data to back this up?

Lots! U.S. companies waste $399 billion dollars a year on unnecessary or inefficient meetings (Inc.com), 25-50% of meetings are considered wasted time (Forbes), face-to-face communication is 34x more effective than other forms (Harvard Business Review), executives spend 18 hours per week (a third of their working week) in meetings (Harvard Business School and the London School of Economics), and on and on…

So what does SQQ hope to accomplish?

SQQ wants to encourage a new and different kind of workplace communication, and we’re here to foster more productive and efficient conversations. Our goals are to help you eliminate unnecessary meetings, increase the speed of problem-solving, improve morale/productivity/client success, and create more opportunities for creativity/collaboration/leads-generation/business development/ideation. Basically, less bad and more good.

You mention collaboration, but doesn’t a one-minute convo mean less collaborating?

As any of us who have spent time in meetings with a dozen people trying to talk over each other can attest, longer meetings do not necessarily equal more collaboration, and that’s where a SuperQuickQuestion call can help. We believe that a greater amount of genuine collaboration can occur in a 60-second one-one-one conversation than in a crowded hour-long meeting where everyone feels pressure to contribute (but nothing ultimately gets accomplished). Plus, with so many folks now working remotely, SQQ provides the same kind of organic, face-to-face collaboration that we all used to enjoy at the water cooler or during a quick stop at a co-worker’s desk.

Why should I use a SuperQuickQuestion call instead of another video chat app?

Instead of thinking about SQQ as an alternative to something like Zoom or Google Meet, try thinking of us as an alternative to unnecessary meetings and long, asynchronous text/email threads. And in fact, we believe that SuperQuickQuestion is a perfect complement to whatever other video service you may already be using. So, don’t use SQQ instead of Zoom. Use SQQ when Zoom simply won’t work as well as an efficient, one-minute convo.

Any other reasons?

A SuperQuickQuestion call is easy to do and only takes a minute every single time. Just think, for every unnecessary 15-minute meeting that you can turn into an efficient 60-second SQQ, that’s 14 more minutes of your day back to help you reclaim your calendar. Also? Our kids need to eat. They’re super adorable, and they want you to use SQQ.

What’s your beef with meetings?

SQQ is not anti-meetings (per se), we just don’t like unnecessary meetings. So, for all the meetings that are valuable, necessary, and worthwhile, we wish them well. And for the other 25-50%, there’s SuperQuickQuestion.

How much does it cost?

Not a penny! Also, remember pennies?

Can you believe Atlanta is west of Detroit?

We cannot. That was legitimately surprising to learn.

Who's the character in the logo?

Meet Quincy. He rules.

Can I use SQQ if I don't have Slack or Microsoft Teams?

Not yet, but soon. For now, SuperQuickQuestion is only available on Slack and Teams.

I love SuperQuickQuestion. What can I do to help?

Spread the word, and tell your friends! Also, please drop Dave a line at [email protected], we’d love to hear from you (and say thanks).

Where can I read more about the problems you’re trying to help solve?