User Guide: How to SQQ on Teams

To send a SuperQuickQuestion in Microsoft Teams, start a chat and click on the SQQ icon, located in messaging extensions section.

MS Teams action command

If the SQQ command isn't available, you'll need to add it.

Click on messaging extension icon.

MS Teams messaging extensions

Then, search for SQQ

MS Teams sqq search

Next, click the SQQ icon (our friend, Quincy), review the terms (it's all good stuff so that you can use and enjoy SuperQuickQuestion), and add it.

MS Teams add extension

Once is added, you can use the SQQ command.

You'll see a modal popup asking for you to type the SuperQuickQuestion topic. Type your SQQ and clik on Start button.

MS Teams popup modal

A formatted card will be sent to you with the SQQ you just typed. Then, click on Send.

MS Teams card

Your SQQ will appear in the chat and the other participant will be able to join.

MS Teams sqq join

Keep in mind that if it is your first time, you'll need to sign in to use the app.

MS Teams sign in

SQQ is not available for group chats with more than two users. If you try to start an SQQ, you will receive a message notifying you that the operation is not supported.

MS Teams not supported chat

If this is your first time using SuperQuickQuestion, you’ll need to allow the app to access the camera and microphone. Once you’ve done that, click the JOIN button to enter the SQQ....

SQQ lobby

After joining, you’ll see a waiting page if the other participant is not quite ready yet. Once both participants have joined, the 60-second timer starts...

SQQ question

You'll notice the purple timer ticking up toward 60, and the bar along the bottom beginning to fill up. Those are there to help guide your conversation...

SQQ asking

That same bar will transition from question to answer once your SQQ is roughly halfway over. Time to start getting an answer to your SuperQuickQuestion!

SQQ answering

When your minute is ending, you'll hear a little music (like the Academy Awards!) to let you know your time is almost up, and Quincy (our friendly logo) and his curtain will start to rise up from the bottom of the screen...

SQQ finished

Your SuperQuickQuestion has ended once the curtain gets to the top of the screen. Congrats on reclaiming your calendar and increasing the speed of decision-making!.

SQQ curtain

After the SQQ is finished, you’ll see a feedback form. Please send us your thoughts, and thanks so much for using SuperQuickQuestion!

SQQ feedback

Report an Issue

If you run into any other trouble using SuperQuickQuestion, please click the Help button in the bottom-right corner of the app or website, and we'll get right on it!